Surveying Practice-I

The important functions of a diploma civil engineer includes the jobs of detailed surveying, plotting of survey data, preparation of survey maps and setting out works. Field work should be a selected one so that student can check his work and have an idea of the results the extent of error in the work done by them. As far as possible, the surveys done should be got plotted, as this will also reveal errors in the work and develop skill in plotting.
On completion of the course the student will have experience in handling surveying equipments and do the practical exercises in chain surveying, compass surveying, leveling and GPS

Facilities Available:

• Chain with arrows - 6 Nos • Prismatic compass - 6 Nos • Dumpy level - 10 Nos • Leveling staff - 10 Nos • Cross staff - 08 Nos • Ranging rod - 40 Nos • Hand held GPS - 6 Nos