Strength of Materials and Fluid Mechanics Practical

Subjects of FLUID MECHANICS is deals with • Basic concepts and principles in hydrostatics, hydro kinematics and their application in solving fluid flow problems. • Measuring the fluid pressure using manometers • Determination of pipe friction factor and co efficient of discharges of orifice, mouthpiece, orifice meter, venturimeter. • Drawing characteristics curves for centrifugal and reciprocating pumps. STRENGTH OF MATERIAL is deals with • The understanding of the structure, physical and mechanical properties and behavior of engineering materials is at very core of engineering design. A command of this knowledge is essential for all Mechanical engineers. On completion of the course, the student will be familiar with, • Study of UTM, torsion testing machine, hardness testing machine.

Facilities available:

• Bernoulli’s Theorem – 1 No • Venturimeter/Orifice Meter- 1 No • Pipe Friction Apparatus- 1 No • Mouthpiece Apparatus- 1 No • Reciprocating Pump – 1 No • Centrifugal Pump – 1 No • Universal Testing Machine -1No • Rock well cum brinell hardness testing machine -1No • Torsion Testing Machine -1No • Impact Testing Machine -1No