• To provide value based education to the poor / economically backward / rural students near their habitats.
  • To develop a pool of highly qualified, committed and talented faculty who would be the back bone for the growth of St. Joseph Polytechnic College and her students.
  • To help the financially oppressed communities in their educational pursuits by offering scholarship, free ships etc.,
  • To offer wholesome education to the young men and women of our country at an affordable cost.
  • To help enhance the quality of life of our youth especially those who are coming from poor / rural backgrounds by offering skill development programmes.
  • To train technocrats with good moral and ethical values
  • To imbibe in the students’ minds in high levels of discipline, companionship and team work.
  • To contribute to the technical needs of India for the gainful exploitation of her abundant natural resources
  • JPC engages in community service by offering opportunities for Diploma Engineering enrichment and opening career pathways to all students in various industries and also their higher studies.