Material Testing Laboratory – II

The understanding of the structure, physical and mechanical properties and behavior of engineering materials is at the very core of engineering design. A command of this knowledge is essential for all civil engineers. The testing and evaluation of civil engineering materials including sand, clay, fine aggregates, course aggregates and water. On completion of the course, the student will be familiar with, • Test on properties of fine aggregate and coarse aggregates. • Test on properties of soil. • Analysis the properties of water.

Facilities Available:

• Pycnometer- 4 Nos • Liquid Limit Device-2 Nos • Field Density Of Soil Apparatus-2 Nos • Proctor Compaction Mould- 2 Nos • Direct Shear Machine- 2 Nos • Devals Attrition Testing Machine- 1 No • Dorrys Abrasion Testing Machine-1 No • Aggregate Impact Testing Machine-1 No • Crushing Strength Apparatus-1 No • Jackson Candle Turbidity Meter-2 Nos • Imhoff Cone- 2 Nos • Core Cutter-2 Nos • Oven-1 No