Material Testing Laboratory-1

The understanding of the structure, physical and mechanical properties and behavior of engineering materials is at very core of engineering design. A command of this knowledge is essential for all civil engineers. This laboratory provides hands on experience with the testing and evaluation of civil engineering materials, including steel, wood and cements, aluminum, brass and brick. On completion of the course, the student will be familiar with, • Study of UTM, torsion testing machine, hardness tester, compression testing machine. • To determine the material properties test conducted on steel, wood, cement, aluminum, brass and brick.

Facilities available:

• Universal Testing Machine -1No • Rock well cum brinell hardness testing machine -1No • Torsion Testing Machine -1No • Impact Testing Machine -1No • Weighing Balance -1No • Vicat needle apparatus -2Nos • Compression Testing Machine -1No • Flexural testing machine for tiles -1No • Blains permeability apparatus -1No • Sieve sets for cement IS sieve -2Nos