Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

About the Department

Mechanical Engineering course deals with the study of mechanics, kinetics, statistics, material science, thermodynamics, and structural dynamics used in development, designing, production, construction, operation, installation, and maintenance of machines, tools, and various other mechanical equipments. Mechanical Engineering offers a wide variety of career opportunities to job aspirants. Now the major industries that take in Mechanical Engineers include Automobile, Space Research, Aeronautical, energy and utilities, Air Conditioning, manufacturing industries etc., Even Mechanical Engineers have lots of scope on government sectors that include giant manufacturing industries, oil & gas refineries, agro industries. With the advent of latest technological innovations, new opportunities came into existence for mechanical engineers like nanotechnology, development of composite materials, bio medical applications, environmental conservation etc., So, students pursuing mechanical engineering have a lot of scopes to build a successful career in these sectors.


Foundry and Welding Practical

Lathe and Drilling Practical

Metrology and Metallography Practical


Strength of Materials and Fluid Mechanics Practical

Special Mechines Practical

Electrical Drives and Control Practical


Process Automation Practical

Thermal and Automobile Engineering Practical

Life and Employability Skills Practical


Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing Practical

Machine Tool Testing and Manufacturing Practical

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Practical

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