Construction Practice Laboratory

It is essential that students should have knowledge of various sub components of buildings like foundations, walls, roofs, staircases, floors etc., On completion of the course the student will be familiar, • To prepare centre line plan and foundation plan for a building. • For setting out foundation in the field for spread footing and column footing for a building. • To determine the workability of concrete by compacting factor, slump cone test and vee-bee consistometer test.

Facilities available

• Slump Cone Apparatus -2 Nos • Compaction Factor Apparatus-1 No • Concrete Cube Mould 150*150*150 – 3 Sets • Sieve Sets For Cement IS Sieve -2 Nos • Concrete Mixing Tray – 2 Nos • Vee- Bee Consistometer – 1 No • Rebound Hammer – 1 No • Weigh Balance Digital Upto 10kg Capacity With 1gm Accuracy – 1 No • Apparatus To Find Flakiness Index, Elongation Index And Angularity Number For Coarse Aggregate – 1 No • Bar Bending Tool – 1 No