Computer Hardware and Networks Practical

• Students can able to identify different hardware components of a computer and their troubleshooting .Different peripherals, their performance and cost characteristics • They can install various operating systems, their capabilities and software • Networking, network topologies and installation of LANs • To identify different PC cards and to learn how to install them. • To identify ports on the PC cards • To learn how to maintain a PC so that it gives longer service without any problems. • To know and understand the features available in the CMOS To enter into CMOS setup continue pressing Delete (Del) button while system is booting


HARDWARE: Computer with Intel core i3 processor,500GB HardDisk,2 GB RAM, Hard disk drive,DVD,Blu-ray Drive, Blank DVD,Blu-ray Disc, Head cleaning CD,Dot matrix printer, Laser printer,Server,Mobile phones NETWORK: Crimping tool, Screwdriver set, Network cables, Modem, Hub, Router, and Switch SOFTWARE: Windows 7 OS, Windows Server 2008 and Linux, Antivirus software, DVD and Blu-ray burning Software, Mobile phone flashing software