Advisor’s Desk

An outstanding teacher of Electrical Engineering for over five decades :

  • Professor, Regional Engineering College (now National Institute of Technology), Trichy
  • Principal, Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai
  • Director, Karunya Institute of Technology (now Karunya University), Coimbatore
                  • Principal, Christ the King Polytechnic College, Coimbatore

Author of Two books in Electrical Engineering and numerous papers in engineering journals

Recipient of

a. “Outstanding Academic Award” of ISTE, New Delhi

b. Best Teacher Award of the Government of Tamil Nadu, Chennai

c. Life Time Achievement Award of the ISTE Tamil Nadu Chapter

Advisor’s Message :

Every block of stone has a beautiful statue inside;
it is the business of the sculptor to discover it – Michael Angelo.

Every student is precious not only in the minds of his / her parents but also in God’s creation; it is for us teachers to identify his / her inmate talents and nurture them by offering good education and training.

All the Best for your all endeavours

Prof. M. Maria Louis

Ex Advisor ( 2010 -2017 )